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Boiler Installation & Heating

"Bringing comfort to your home"

At Water Stone Plumbers we deal with high quality Gas & Heating installations, ranging from Boiler installs to replacing your Cooker. Our work is carried out by qualified gas safe registered engineers and your safety is the upmost importance to us, which is why we work according to current regulations and safety standards.

We cover:

  • Boiler replacements & Servicing
  • Unvented Cylinders (Megaflo)
  • Central Heating Installation
  • Landlord Safety Report Certificate (CP12)
  • Gas leak detection and gas pipework
  • Cooker installs and gas fire servicing

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The choice of boiler for your house will depend on the size of you property and your specific requirements.  From this we will choose the best boiler to meet your needs.

The different types of boilers that we install:

  • Combination boiler (Combi) - Instantaneous hot water
  • System boiler - Sealed modern boiler housing all the components
  • Open vented boiler - Traditional gravity system with tanks in the loft

The cost of a new installation is dependent on many factors e.g upgrading the existing gas supply to the boiler, and routing pipework for condesate. Therefore a visit will be needed to asses the situation in order to give you an accurate competitive quotation.


Unvented Cylinders (Mega Flo)

Unvented cylinders use a pressurised system to move domestic hot water around the house by using the incoming water mains pressure. This ensures good pressure throughout the house, even on the top floor. Using this type of system eliminates the need for a cold water tank in the loft therefore converting from a traditional gravity plumber in twickenham, plumbers in richmond, megaflosystem.

The benefits include:

  • Higher flow rates
  • Balanced water pressures
  • Fast recovery rates
  • Built in expansion vessel (Mega flo)
  • No cistern in the loft
  • Can be installed anywhere in the house e.g garage

For more information please visit or


Central Heating

If you are looking to upgrade your central heating to a more efficient system, then we can provide that service for you. Older systems are sometimes limited to the amount plumbers in twickenham, plumbers in richmond,central heatingof control you have with regards to setting timers and room stats etc, and tend to be more noisier.  New systems installed are more efficient, quieter and user friendly.

We cover:

  • Full system design and installation
  • Radiator changes
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Changing pumps

and more.

A visit to your home will be needed to asses your situation in order to give you an accurate competitive quotation. 

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate CP12

All landlords are required to have a gas safety inspection carried out on their properties which are let out to tenants.  This inspection must be carried out every 12 months by a gas safe engineer and you will receive a CP12 certificate on completion.

Gas Pipework & Leaks

We can carry out gas pipe work ammendments in and around your home to meet your needs, for example:

If you are considering a new more powerful boiler to be installed in your home, then your existing gas pipework might need to be upgraded to a larger size to meet the boilers demands, or if you simply require an exisitng gas supply to be disconnected and capped off, then we can provide this service for you.

So call us now for you FREE no obligation quote on any of your gas & heating needs!